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for Thies Ey at Hart School and Christiane Radford at Holy Family School

Hi there to Thies and Christiane, who both gave me stories to look at.

Thies, you have a great imagination. I felt your hunger.
Christiane, you’ve a really excellent style. Keep going with this one.


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authors in april 2009

How lucky to be one of Rochester’s Authors in April! I’ve just had a wonderful week meeting hundreds of Michigan readers, and want to thank everybody at West Middle School, Hart Middle School, Reuther Middle School, Van Hoosen Middle School, Holy Family Regional School and St. John Lutheran who gave me a welcome I shan’t forget. And nor, of course, will Uncle Frank of How the Hangman Lost His Heart, who would have been most gratified to see how his story had inspired the creation of a veritable army of papier mache heads, each more exotic than the last. Indeed, I have brought one home, complete with pike through the skull and many a blood stain. I can’t think what it must have looked like on the security xray. Thank you, Angie, for a perfect present. This Uncle Frank will have his first Scottish outing next week, and will be transported, as is only fitting, in a hatbox – pink, I think. Why not.

I also want to thank everybody who created shields and hearts, the bakers of the Hosanna cookies, Sage O’Donnell for her drawing of Ellie and Shihab, Haley Zynda for her Barq-Lightning and Alyssa B from West Middle School for her delightful page of assorted compliments, none of which I deserved. All are now in my study in Glasgow and will remind me of my visit.

As for the Board members of Authors in April, let me just say this: with all your skills, talents and unflagging dedication, you should not just be running Authors in April, you should really be running the world. Hats off to all!

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