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online chats

While my old iBook is looking the other way, I’ll tell you that my Macbook Pro means I’m now available for online author chats through balkin buddies, whose link should appear in this blog. Online chats really seem the way to go and if you’d like to sign up for one, please do go to the balkin buddies website, and see how they work. If the link doesn’t link, then try

My dogs, having seen themselves on the screen, are very keen and will doubtless play a part in proceedings …

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is it that time already

Just when I resolve to blog more often, life gets in the way. What life, you may ask. New life, I answer. Well, not really new. It’s just that I have a job, yes, a real job, though part time, at the university. I’m part of a small team setting up an online literacy resource, so I have to Wear Clothes and Go To An Office. Quite a shock for a writer. I mean, what clothes to wear?

And then my little iBook grew poorly. It’s still poorly, but as is the way of these things, in order not to lose anything, I had to get a new one before it actually died. Now it sits beside me, my discarded faithful friend, closed and mournful. Who could possibly imagine I’d feel a heel about abandoning a computer? But it was so sweet, and had helped me through so many books, and here I am, zooping along on my new Macbook pro, and my little iBook knows it could never keep up, and isn’t nearly so whizzy and on and on and on. I wonder if anybody ever read a book called ‘Little Black, a Pony’. He was usurped by Big Red when his boy rider got too big for him. The boy felt rotten. I do too. But then Big Red fell through the ice and Little Black had to rescue him, so who knows: my iBook may yet have to be resurrected …

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