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spring in the air yourself, archdeacon

Hello to Shannon and Leesa and all the 6th graders from McCulloch Intermediate School in Dallas! Courtesy of Catherine Balkin ( at, we had a great online live webchat last week. Such a peculiar feeling, speaking from my old meatsafe of a study in Glasgow. Our upgraded modem (thanks, BT) meant that there was no echo, no delay. I was talking about historical novels Blood Red Horse, Blue Flame and How the Hangman Lost His Heart, set in 12th, 13th and 18th centuries respectively, through truly 21st century technology. Never has the past met the future so happily. And Blackberry made an unscheduled appearance. She wasn’t very stellar. She needs practice.

Today spring is springing in Glasgow, but just when the worst of the cold is over, we’re wondering about insulation. I know, I know. In an old house like this it won’t bring the bills down (whatever the purveyors of installation say); nor will we feel any benefit, except, possibly, upstairs (although most of the heat escapes through the cupola); nor will insulation increase the value of the house. So why do it? As a family, our carbon footprint is tiny (one car, seldom used; about one flight each a year, and not every year). I suppose it feels like giving the house a nice cosy thermal jacket as a present. How mad we all are! I expect my insulation moment, like so many other moments, will pass.

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White Heat Cover

White Heat

Will Raimon’s and Yolanda’s love survive the ravages of a siege, her enforced betrothal to Raimon’s enemy, and the growing divisions within their beloved Occitan? Review Grant develops the plight of her thirteenth-century lovers in this sequel to Blue Flame (2008). After escaping the pyre, Raimon takes to the Occitan caves, but despite holding the mythical Blue Flame, his attempts to unify the Catholic and Cathar rebels fail as the reality of being under siege takes hold. Grant’s writing is … Continue reading