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eruptions, elections and every day stuff

So what with the eruption and the UK election, there’s a lot to think about at the moment. On the volcanic eruption, I think it’s wonderful to see how many people who profess to be ‘green’ have flown away on holiday. But will the disruption make us think twice about booking more air tickets, just in case the Unpronouncable’s friend decides to blow whilst we’re all at the beach? I doubt it! Getting stuck abroad is a bit like having a baby: you forget the pain quite quickly and before you know it, there you are again …

On the UK election, the TV debates are watchable only from behind the sofa. Why is it that even when alone, I still cringe and feel terribly embarrassed when our wannabe leaders say ridiculous things. Gordon Brown, for example, said that no punishment was too great for those who manipulated their expenses. Knee-capping? Hanging? Firing squad? I believe he himself had quite a bit of money to pay back. Should he go in for a bit of public flagellation?

But spring is sprung here in Glasgow, and I’m on a book surge. What’s not to like about today!

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blue flame

Blue Flame

Chalus Chabrol, 1199. The Occitanian knights battle for their lives against Richard the Lionheart. They are guarding the Blue Flame under which all Occitanians must unite to resist invasion. But the knights cannot survive and so it falls to Parsifal, a young son of the knight Bernard, to travel on alone and find the true keeper of the Flame. Yet when Parsifal returns home, the Occitan is ablaze. Catholic Inquisitors and Cathar heretics, far from uniting, are fighting each other … Continue reading