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new proposals and old friends

Well, it’s in.  I’ve packed off a new book proposal.  In the end, after a few months of worry, the story hit me with a wallop.  If accepted, I’ll be writing another Hartslove book.   But anyway, whatever happens to this proposal, fans of the de Granvilles may be pleased to learn that in September 2011, we will definitely be back at Hartslove in a book set in 1861.  For those who haven’t met the de Granvilles before, I hope the 1861 story makes you want to know more about them – and you can, by going to Blood Red Horse, Green Jasper and Blaze of Silver.  For those faithful friends of Will, Ellie and Hosanna, you’ll find much that is familiar.   At Hartslove, time passes but, as you’ll see, the important things remain the same.

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good news amid the bad

The papers are full of doomery gloomery:  cuts;  slash and burn; we’re all going down the financial pan together (except we’re not, obviously, since there’s still money to pay MPs and all manner of sundry others, whose actual use is debatable).   Anyhow.  Amid all this, our elder daughter is engaged to be married.   It’s a strange time for any parent.  But I’ll tell you one thing:  if I hear any more jokes about mother-of-the-bride hats, I’ll run amok with a hatpin.

I’m also coaxing along the germ of an idea for a book set in Tudor times.   I’m feeding and watering the idea, nervous of killing it off with too much attention. Yesterday, though, I took a new notebook, stared at it for a bit, then opened it and wrote something down.   The notebook is of a type I haven’t used before:  moleskin, but opening upwards, like a policeman’s notebook, and with squared paper.  So far, I like it.  Do I like what I’ve written in it?  That’s the real question.

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