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We’re thinking of doing a little work in our house – reconfiguration of rooms, I mean.  Obviously, we do a great deal of mental work.  All my books have been written in the old meatsafe, for example.  But whilst the meatsafe has been a most productive writer’s retreat, it does seem perverse to sit in the coldest, most view-less room in this window-filled house.  I’ve tried, over the winter, to work in the drawing room.   It looked promising. But the lure of the piano has always proved too much, particularly since after hours and hours and hours of practice, I find that my fingers and memory actually work again.   So the best option seems to be to reconfigure the house and tomorrow, after much repetition, hesitation and deviation, we’ll set the thing in motion though it will be months, I suspect, before actual physical work begins.   I don’t know how my husband and I will fare, since we’re both useless at domestic disruption and our plans include relocating the kitchen.  I think I’ll take to Brahms.  Calming, but enough notes to drown out both the banging and clattering and my panic as workmen shout ‘crikey, look what we’ve found under the floorboards’.

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