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the year of playing the piano – returning

This weekend sees the start of an unusual family return. For a few days, there will be, in this house, the same configuration of parents (2), children (3), dogs (2), budgie (1) as has not been found since 2004 when our older daughter went off for her gap year. Usually, friends and, in the case of older daughter, a husband, add delightfully to the mix. This time, it’s just us. How will it be, with all rooms reoccupied and family idiosyncrasies jumbling round the house again? The children arrive in stages: one already ensconced; another arriving on Saturday early and another slightly later. When we have guests, I rush about cleaning like a lunatic. Do returning children count as guests? If, tomorrow, I find the hoover irresistible, the answer is ‘yes’. If I can pass the hoover with nary a glance, the answer is ‘no’. Whatever, I am looking forward to it immensely. Oh, and the Goldberg is going pretty well too. Hours and hours and hours of practice. I must be the slowest learner in the universe. But curiously, I’m speeding up. I think Bach had an improvement plan built in to the variations and although I’m very wary of saying that improvements are being made, well, hell, improvements are being made.

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