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special delivery

Today is the day authors dream of. It’s the day copies of Sedition, in all its Virago beauty, were delivered by a courier who, though he couldn’t possibly have known what was in the parcel, presented a fittingly cheery countenance. He escaped without an embrace, which was lucky for him.

Now I wait, twitchy and nervous, for UK publication day: 16th January. I’m twitchy for myself, of course. It’s a moment, a book publication. I’m twitchy for my Sedition girls. They’ve been mine for so long, and now they’ll also be yours. Please, if you can, treat them kindly – if I’ve made a mess, it’s not their fault.

I’ve put my books on the piano. Seems a fitting place.

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pre-publication …

Literary Review, Jonathan Barnes: ‘Grant has rambunctious fun… but she studs it also with high seriousness… The final set piece, the concert itself, plaits together comedy and tragedy with sly skill… there is phrase making here of high order, wise and funny arrangements of words that linger in the imagination’

“This novel Sedition is a wicked, delicious romp through eighteenth century London, written with the telling wink of an author whose affection for Tom Jones and Tartuffe sparkles throughout. I stayed up far too late devouring this rollicking tale of sex, intrigue, marriage, revenge, and the sordid side of the pianoforte. Bach’s wig must be curling in his grave.

–Katherine Howe, New York Times Bestselling author of The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane and The House of Velvet and Glass

“A brilliant and alluring troublemaker incites her coterie of young women to rebellion, and a comic–but ultimately deadly–game ensues. Katharine Grant has written a provocative story of seduction and romance, lust and violence. Sedition is a tale of 19th-century female insurrection, set to a tune of Bach piano inventions, con brio.” –Kate Manning, Author of MY NOTORIOUS LIFE

‘A fast paced, sexy, historical read about the intriguing tutor/student relationship…Grants girls are vividly described: funny, witty, melancholy, rowdy, elegant and kick-ass’. Marie Claire, review

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It’s a strange time, a limbo time, waiting for a book to come out. All the work is done. I imagine my Sedition girls a little like the stone statues at the end of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Do you remember? They were frozen by the White Queen, and their blood began to flow again only after Aslan had breathed on them. Virago will breathe on my girls on 16th January, and they’ll regain colour and begin to move.

By the way, for those following my Goldberg marathon, here’s the latest. I didn’t give up at all once my girls had done their stuff. I carried on, and now can play the aria, variations 1 to 10 inclusive, and variation 30. Though Bach might plug his fingers in his ears, I feel some sense of achievement. And I’m not done yet.

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