the year of playing the piano – bird brains

I cleaned out The Bird yesterday, and as I folded the newspaper for the cage bottom, found myself wondering: Mo Farah or Jess Ennis? Whose picture would Bird find more cheery? Actually, the Bird just wanted me to get cracking and get out, speedy as Mo, accurate as Jess. I don’t think Bird is one for team sports, or any sport apart from Cat Teasing. I’ve given Bird Jess this week. I’m saving Mo for next. Hope I’ve still got Andy somewhere, and Zara and Nick et al, and Charlotte, and Katherine et al, and Tom and Jade and Nicola, and all the others. I’d like Bird to have the full Olympic experience, if a little late in the day, though I may leave out bits of the closing ceremony. Never mind Bird, I’d have liked more Freddy Mercury, perhaps some Supertramp and Pink Floyd and much less of – no no, I’ll keep the nice Olympic spirit going a little longer.