the year of playing the piano – tiny things

My iPod finally collapsed today. Exhaustion, I think. I don’t use it for months, then fill it with Hilary Mantel, Martin Amis and Joyce. It may have been Finnegans Wake that administered the coup de grace. Since audio books are my new delight, I needed a replacement quick quick quick, so rushed into the Apple store and heartlessly tossed iPod collapsus into their recycling pile to get my 10% off a brand new tiny Nano. I haven’t felt so mean since I took my horse to the knackers and six weeks later received a cheque. Yes, they do that. They send you money for your dead horse. I burned the cheque. Anyhow, more cheerfully, audio books, paudio books! My Nano is now my even greater delight. What a genius thing it is. Mine is blue. It’s lined up next to my iPad. Really, the 21st century is smashing.