For Erich

Hi Erich,

I’m hoping you get this. I tried to email you, but for some reason the email kept getting returned, so I’m sending you this message instead.

I’m so glad you liked Blood Red Horse, and hope you like the two sequels, Green Jasper and Blaze of Silver, which finish the story of Gavin, Will, Ellie, Kamil and Hosanna. The inspiration came from my own horse, a lovely red mare called Miss Muffet, and a line in a very old story about Saladin sending horses to his enemy, King Richard the Lionheart, so that they would be evenly matched in battle.

The only purpose of the book was that readers like you would enjoy it! And when I wrote it, my mind was so full of the characters, I could barely think about anything else. It was a thrilling moment when I knew it was going to be published, so others would get to know the characters too.

Thank you for emailing. Happy reading!

With very best wishes,
Katie Grant