Green Jasper

Green Jasper Cover

Can one boy and a blood-red horse can save a fair maiden and the throne of England?

Will and Gavin de Granville have come back from the crusade older, braver, and definitely wiser. Ellie has been longing for their return. But they’ve changed. And home is almost as dangerous as the war they’ve just left.

The king is missing. The country is in turmoil. And some men would do anything for power. What will two brothers be willing to risk for the woman they both love and the king they have both sworn to protect and serve?

In the second book in the de Granville trilogy, the future of the entire de Granville family is endangered.

Praise for Green Jasper

“[A] fast-paced, equally cinematic sequel. …Grant balances simplistic elements with unsentimental explorations of medieval conflicts between romantic love, brotherly loyalty, and political fealty while fully capitalizing on the quintessential appeal of tales heavy on sword fights and hoofbeats.” —Booklist

“It is no mean feat to convey the political dynamics of the twelfth century with all the complexity they deserve, and Grant never takes the easy way out—even King John is portrayed in shades of gray. The main draw, however, is the many permutations of love story, and readers of Blood Red Horse will find themselves eminently satisfied.” —Horn Book

“This sequel brings the reality of the middle ages to life with integrity and imagination. …Like its predecessor, this fast-paced, innovative glimpse into the past will spur excellent book discussions.”  —VOYA