How the Hangman Lost His Heart

Hangman Cover

How the Hangman Lost His Heart

What’s a nice girl like Alice doing with a hangman called Dan Skinslicer?

He likes a good clean killing and a hearty supper afterward.

She likes pretty dresses and riding a well-bred horse.

Together, they’re on the run from every soldier in London.

It could be their necks next!

Monty Python meets The Princess Bride in this hysterically historical romp.

When Alice moved to London her Uncle Frank promised her a life of glamour and sophistication. He did not mention that in a few months time his head would be atop a pike on Temple Bar.

After he is executed for his loyalty to Bonnie Prince Charlie, Alice, who cannot bear to see her beloved uncle’s head on display for all to gawk at, vows to bring him home piece by piece—even if it means being arrested as a traitor to the crown of England.

She never would have guessed that it would be Dan Skinslicer, executioner, who would help her save Uncle Frank’s head, even though he was the one that cut it off. Now keeping their own heads isn’t easy either, as they are being pursued by Captain Ffrench and the royal guards. Alice’s only chance to save their necks is to win the captain’s heart.